Free Fund Raising

Carson Entertainment’s Fundraising Program:

FREE – Fundraising Reaching Everyone Everywhere



If your mission is to raise money for a worthy cause, BRAVO!  You deserve a standing ovation.  Thinking about others is what makes us human.  Doing something for others is even better; although not everyone makes that effort.  But for those who do, it can feel magical. Charities work hard to make our world a better place. For many, producing and promoting events to raise needed funds is a necessary task. But events are also time-consuming, risky and expensive to produce.

Our FREE program enables us to do more performances for worthy causes and COSTS YOU NOTHING for the show.


Like magic, you cannot always see the most important parts of life. But we know that those invisible human feelings of faith, hope and love are enhanced through charity and caring for others, whether you are giving care or in need of receiving it. Through this fantasy world of magic we

Illusion 14 Picture

are sharing our talents and spirit for others — with a focus on children’s needs and dreams.

By following our program, you can raise money for your cause while learning valuable fundraising skills and techniques to use in

the future for other events. Many organizations who have followed our program, were able to create public awareness, attract volunteers, and ge

nerate needed resources for serving their important missions, all from the result of a fun and exciting experience.  In many cases, organizations have made our Touring Stage Illusion Show an annual event as we change our show each year.


Carson Entertainment can provide an event that any organization can afford to produce on their own. We know that whenever we help organizations meet the needs or lift the spirits of another — especially a child — something magical happens!


This turn-key fundraising program has helped hundreds of organizations. Many who have used our family clean entertainment fundraising program, have been churches, school programs like Renaissance, PTA/PTOs, Sports & Music Departments. Many service clubs and fraternal organizations like Kiwanis, Rotary, Optimist, Knights of Columbus, Volunteer Fire Departments, and organizations like Candle Lighters Kids with Cancer, Friends of Autism, plus hundreds more– any group needing to raise money.


We provide a high-caliber, world-class magic and illusion show. We won’t
go into the details of the show here, but to learn more about the show,
feel free to peruse the rest of the website, and be sure to watch our
video accessible from the homepage. The show we provide typically
costs our clients $10,000-$12,000!


The number of fundraising dates we perform each year is very limited. So, in
order to learn more about our program and reserve your date on our next tour, CALL NOW.