Garry & Janine Carson are one of the most sought after entertainers, in the magical business – in the world! Garry brings years of experience and creativity, as well as a team of illusion builders, choreographers, designers, writers and more.  Bringing imagination to life, with ‘An Evening of Illusions’ starring Garry & Janine Carson, you can ESCAPE REALITY and dive into an impossible experience! Carson Entertainment has become a favorite to work with for show producers and corporate meeting planners, not only for their spectacular skills & talent, but for their ability to send your mind into an Endless Wonder!


Since the beginning of his magic career Garry has been using his creative mind to create magic and illusion effects, not only for his own shows, but for many other well known magicians around the world for years. The show has wowed audiences and crowds in over 42 countries! An unforgettable & unbelievable magical experience.

Garry can bring his 25 years of experience working in Las Vegas to any casino, offering a larger grand show with dancers, variety acts, grand illusions, exotic animals to draw in customers. Garry works close to making sure the show has plenty of advertisement by helping with radio spots, television interviews, special appearances at events around town, etc. Always making the show a success and talk of the town.

All of Carson Entertainment’s shows are custom-tailored to fit the venue size, audiences demographics and theme. Shows we produce in other parts of the world are different from those in the US and shows in casino showrooms have different pace and theme than those in theaters or non-profit family fundraisers.



For Corporate clients, Garry can also teach executives to perform magic effects as part of a meeting or special event. He has the ability to create and work in a special magic illusion to represent a company logo or production of a CEO into the show.

Carson Entertainment can open or close any sales meeting, awards banquet or special magical themed events. With the crowd feeling they were part of something special.

Contact us now to make sure to get your event on our calender. We look forward to entertaining at your next event, making it the most memorable one for all who attend!