The Tour Has Started!

The personalities are big, the talent is bigger
and the quality of this show is,
without a doubt, HUGE!

With a high energetic style and unique rhythm Garry & Mihaela are one of the most touring entertainers working today. From Casinos, Corporate Events, Cruise ships, Colleges, and the most gratifying are non-profit organizations geared to raising funds for children and their families. They can work them all and has. It’s their clean intelligent material and insanely real characters that evoke deep laughs because it’s from a perspective unlike so many others. They’re one of the few magicians working, where you can laugh with your whole family. They believe you can be funny, clever, insightful and tactful. It’s because of their material, high energy and hysterical characters that can be presented to a wide audience is the reason why Garry & Mihaela are so sought after. Garry Carson has appeared on major stages in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Plus with many television appearances around the world. His most recent is for FOX’s “Masters of Illusions” series.

Don’t miss the much-talked-about show with the talents of Garry & Mihaela. It is a performance that the entire family, will enjoy-filled with a woven combination of music, magic, comedy, along with exotic animals and larger than life grand illusions. Their show will leave your audience thoroughly mesmerize and talking for weeks to come.

Garry & Mihaela are one of the busiest entertainers in the industry, besides their ability to entertain and create laughter, which has made them popular, but it is their natural ability in making everyone feel they were apart of something special, that has set them apart.

Carson Entertainment has mystified, entertained and inspired literally millions of people throughout the world with international travels that have taken them to over 40 different countries.

Take your next event to all new heights with a solid entertainment investment with us here at Carson Entertainment.