Garry & Janine Carson, Merlin Awarded ‘Best International Magic & Illusion Duo’ of the Year 2020!

Garry & Janine Carson bring their mystifying magical production to Casinos, Corporate Events, Cruise ships, Theatres and Colleges; with the most gratifying productions being geared to raising funds for children and families. As active philanthropists, they give back to the community, through their non-profit ‘Sponsor Magic Link’ where they provide their show as a FREE fundraiser for other non-profit organizations & service organizations.

Producers of ‘Escape Reality’ Magic Dinner Show with Garry & Janine Carson you will witness fast-paced appearances & disappearances, escaping, and trading places first hand! Captivating & engaging,

Known for a highly energetic style, unique rhythm and clean intelligent material, Magician & Illusionist Garry can evoke deep belly laughs with his twist of comedy from a perspective that makes him stand out from the rest. Garry & Janine Carson combine their talents in a magical production where the whole family can laugh and enjoy hilarious, mind-boggling and engaging show together. A show that is funny, clever, insightful and tasteful!

A phenomenal show of up-close and personal magic, grand scale illusions, comedy,  dazzling custom costumes, special stage & lighting effects – you’ll enjoy every minute of their show from start to end! These incredible entertainers will bring you magic you will always remember and entertainment you will never forget.

Garry & Janine Carson have appeared on major stages in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia with many television appearances around the world. With most recent is for FOX’s “Masters of Illusion” series.  

Garry & Janine have brought their Las Vegas Magic & Illusion Show to Branson, Missouri. Witness one of the Best Branson Magic  Shows at Branson Central Theatre this year with their Magic Dinner Show ‘Escape Reality’!



Their show will leave your audience thoroughly mesmerized. Garry & Janine have a natural ability to make everyone feel like they were a part of something special, and leaving guests feeling like they were co-stars of their show.

Carson Entertainment has mystified, entertained, enthralled and inspired literally millions of people throughout the world with international travels to over 40 different countries.

Take your next event to new heights with solid entertainment with Carson Entertainment.